One of the largest suppliers of hose, valve, pipe, and fitting packages to construction, mining and agricultural industries. Dixon also manufactures pneumatic and low-pressure brass fittings, overfill detection equipment, and industrial hoses and hose assemblies for a wide range of applications.

4-STAR supports Dixon heavily in both the products they provide and the Dixon Coupling Workshop safety training we send all our employees to.

Bayco brand dry bulk products are designed for use with bulk trailers and truck blowers for the pneumatic transfer of dry bulk commodities such as powders, grains and plastic pellets. Other industrial applications are possible where pneumatic control of air or dry products is required.

A division of Dixon that manufactures pneumatic and low-pressure brass hose fittings, couplings and adapters.

Dixon’s division that manufactures of a broad range of hydraulic and pneumatic quick-disconnect couplings.

This division specializes in manufacturing sanitary products for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Dixon Sanitary also has Positive Displacement and Centrifugal pumps for the sanitary market. Dixon Sanitary/Bradford is a trusted name in the sanitary market.

Manufactures GSM Ball-Joint Armored Hose designed to handle the most critical service conditions in the hose industry while providing great flexibility.

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