Bailey-Parks makes urethane products that are used in hundreds of manufacturing processes around the world. And, with very few exceptions, they still make all of their molds, tooling and custom machines in-house at their plant in Memphis. Bailey-Parks Urethane fabricates and stocks a wide array of standard urethane products such as sheets, pads, rods, and tubes. It also custom designs, engineers, produces and tests engineered urethane products. Some of the industries and uses they focus on are Grain Handling, Belt Wipers, Oil & Gas, Sand & Gravel, Rollers/Wheels, as well as custom-designed urethane products.

A few product highlights:

They make hyrdo cyclones, which are used primarily in oil and gas drilling applications to separate sand and grit from costly drilling mud so that it can be reused.

Their Sand Viper™ piping system is a long-lasting polyurethane piping system originally designed to replace the aluminum pipes on trailers that transport fracking sand. Incredibly wear-resistant, urethane lasts significantly longer than aluminum or steel in harsh conditions like those encountered in the oil, gas, and mining industries. The Sand Viper is made of a specialized composite urethane that has enhanced self-healing features so that it is optimized to resist intense abrasion such as that caused by frac-sand.

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