PolySleeve High Density Polyethylene Hydraulic Hose Wrap

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Gates PolySleeve is a spiral wrap designed to protect or bundle hoses for appearance and safety. PolySleeve protects hoses from chafing, rubbing, crushing, ultraviolet rays, and other hazards that cause hose failures. It can be an easy and economical way to protect equipment, reduce downtime, improve sighting, and improve the overall appearance. PolySleeve can be installed easily – even after the hose assembly or assemblies are in place. The edges are rounded, so installers won’t cut their hands. Just wrap a section of Gates PolySleeve in the abrasion area or wrap it around any number of hoses for better appearance or safety. It is offered in either black or yellow in a full range of sizes. This product is made of heavy-wall, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and has a wide temperature range. At -40°F it starts to become somewhat brittle, and at 280°F it starts to become soft. After temperature is normalized, PolySleeve returns to its original state quickly. PolySleeve is made with anti-static material, so it won’t build up a static charge.

Features Advantages: Available in two colors (black and yellow), multiple sizes for individual hoses or bundling. Comes with rounded edges both inside and out for added safety. Easy to install before or after assembly fabrication or installation. Effective temperature range from -40°F to 280°F (-40°C to 130°C). Guards against harsh environmental conditions for reduced downtime. Safe, affordable protection for hydraulic and pneumatic lines.


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