GC32TSi Cimper

GC32TSi Crimper

There’s no room for error when replacing hydraulic hose assemblies. Gates GC32TSi innovative “smart” crimper leaves nothing to chance. All the necessary tools and information reside on-board to crimp rock-solid, leak-free, factory-quality hose assemblies.
Gates GC32TSi crimper features a touch-screen control panel for easy navigation. It links to Gates eCrimp database for up-to-the-minute crimp specifications and optimal hose/coupling selection. Advanced functionality such as pinch decompression, precision crimp diameter measurement, machined die retention plates with a simple die loading system, and a self-lubricating crimper head assist the operator in building factory-quality assemblies that meet Gates
stringent crimping specifications.

Key Features:

  • Select hose and couplings to be crimped on control panel. Images of these components will then be displayed on tablet screen along with required dies.
  • Precision crimps without looking up data, adjusting crimper settings or manually measuring final crimp OD.
  • After crimp is complete, the crimp OD is automatically measured and displayed on screen.
  • Crimper will not fully retract until the proper crimp OD has been achieved.
  • Crimper head ratchets a few degrees after each retract to re-distribute grease.
  • Controller is updated where wireless internet is available, or via thumb drive.
  • Rear-mounted camera ensures coupling is in full contact with dies prior to crimping.
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