Our industrial oilfield hose selection consists of a wide variety of industrial hoses.  Water suction / discharge hose, oilfield vacuum hose, frac tank manifold hoses, petroleum or fuel hose, dry material / sand / cement hose, hot air blower hose.  If it’s used in the oilfield, on a rig, on a tanker truck, at a compressor station, at a disposal well, we carry it.  If you don’t see the industrial oilfield hose you need below, give us a call at any one of our locations and let us help you get your job up and running. 

SandStarXH (SS40XH)
Eaton Bulldog Gold (BDG)
Hot Oiler Hose (24HO)
Black Rubber Water Suction Hose (BRS)
Oilfield Vacuum Hose (OFV)
Frac Tank Hose (FRAC)
Petroleum Transfer Hose (TT)
Dry Material Discharge (DM)
300# Petroleum Discharge Hose (OS300D)
400# Petroleum Discharge Hose (OS400D)
Hot Air Blower Hose (HAB)
Kanaline Suction (KSR)
Kanapower ST 120 LT (LT120)
Longhorn Megaflex (LHMF)
Petroleum Drop Hose Megaflex® (PD150SD)
Farm Tank Hose (FTH)
C5C Textile-Wire-Textile Hose