Below you will find our selection of Air, Water, Multi-Purpose, and Ducting industrial hoses which range from 1/4″ air or water hose to 14″ RFH Ducting.  Pressures of which ranging from 200 psi all the way up to 1,000 psi.  Whether it’s a garden hose for the home or a 1,000 psi water hose to be used in a mine spray application we have it. 

Red Air & Multi-Purpose Hose (IA)
LOL Plus Lock-On Hose
Black Air & Multi-Purpose Hose (BGS)
Red 300# Air & Multi-Purpose Hose (RM)
Wire Braid Air Drill Hose (18MB)
Yellow Wire Air Hose (YCA)
Yellow 501# Air Hose (TER)
Jackhammer Hose
Hot Air Blower Hose (HAB)
RFH Ducting Hose (RFH)
SGG Silicone Ducting (SSG)