The “F” in the F Camlock Adapters indicates a Male Camlock connection on one end of the fitting with Male Pipe Threads on the other end of the fitting. We stock “F” Adapters in Aluminum (AL), Brass (BR), Nylon (NY), Polypropylene (PP), Stainless Steel (SS), and Ductile Iron (DI) also referred to as steel camlocks.

F Adapters are commonly referred to as Style F Camlocks, F Camlocks, Style F Cams, F Cams, Fs, and F’s.

F - Aluminum (FAL) Camlock Adapter
F - Brass (FBR) Camlock Adapter
F - Ductile Iron (FDI) Camlock Adapter
F - Nylon (FNY) Camlock Adapter
F - Polypropylene (FPP) Camlock Adapter
F - Stainless Steel (SS) Camlock Adapter