The “E” in the E Camlock Adapters indicates a Male Camlock Connection on one end of the fitting with a Hose Barb or Hose Shank on the other end to slide into a hose. We stock ” E ” Adapters in Aluminum (AL), Brass (BR), Nylon (NY), Polypropylene (PP), Stainless Steel (SS), and Ductile Iron (DI) also referred to as steel camlocks.

E Adapters are commonly referred to as E Camlocks, E Cams, Es, E’s, and male camlock hose fittings.

E - Aluminum (EAL) Camlock Adapter
E - Brass (EBR) Camlock Adapter
E - Ductile Iron (EDI) Camlock Adapter
E - Nylon (ENY) Camlock Adapter
E - Poly Propylene (EPP) Camlock Adapter
E - Stainless Steel (SS) Camlock Adapter